Our founder, Dr. C. Tuna was born in 1923 in Edirne, Turkey, a city located on the Bulgaria border of Turkey. Dr. C. Tuna, the 7th oldest of the 9 children in his family.  All 9 siblings in the Tuna family were motivated to learn as much as they could which lead them to graduate from 11 universities during the first half of the 20th century. Dr C. Tuna started elementary school in 1930. After graduating from High School in 1941, he had the chance to move to Germany to study in Goethe Medical School.

After he completed his education, he immediately returned back to his home town with a desire to serve his country.  Dr. C. Tuna worked as the only lieutenant physician in the military and cured soldiers during the war period up until 1950,

Our corporate story starts when our founder, Dr. C. Tuna, started his first business in Istanbul, Turkey. Being a doctor, he was eager to help other people. His first company was a pharmaceutical manufacturing company where he formulated most of the formulations by himself.  With great passion for his work, he personally attended to every step of the development process of the formulations of each product.  Simultaneously, Dr. C. Tuna established the first analysis laboratory in Turkey.

After expanding his company with passion for 22 years, he sold the shares of the company to an enterprise with foreign investment. Between 1977 and 1995,  while working as a trustee for some small and medium sized domestic drug companies, he also imported raw materials for pharmaceutical products that were used in manual formulations in drug stores.  He sold these products to about 13.500 pharmacies all over Turkey.

In 1998, Dr. C. Tuna and his son, Omer Hakan Tuna, established Tanalize Cosmetics where he manufactured cosmetic products ranging from personal care to skin care. Omer Hakan Tuna became the president after many years of experience and educationn in every step of production and executive operations and Dr. C. Tuna worked as honorary president. Now the family company was managed by the 2nd generation of the Tuna family. For many years, they manufactured private labels for large retail shops all around the world, becaming more experienced with high quality cosmetics manufacturing.

With high quality standards being demanded by large retailers and coming from a pharmaceutical heritage of quality standards, he decided to start his own brand.  In 2003, Farmasi Cosmetics was born. Farmasi is derived from the word, pharmaceutic, meaning the branch of chemistry which looks into quality standards in pharmaceutical materials. He loved this name for his brand because he believed such a name perfectly lies with his pharmaceutical heritage and vision to create cosmetics products in pharmaceutical quality standards. 

We started selling the Farmasi brand in many countries by traditional retail channel. Up to date, Farmasi products have been sold to more than 125 countries. In 2010, we decided to experience the direct selling channel in Turkey. Direct selling is a form of marketing where products are not delivered to consumers by retailers or wholesalers but through beauty influencers. These beauty influencers work as consultants for the consumers where they inform the consumer about the products and recommend them the appropriate product and earn money from this service provided.

After a couple of successful months with record-breaking growth rates, the board decided that the direct selling market fit Farmas's vision. The whole company supported the idea of selling products and empowering people at the same time. As we continued to grow, we started up our direct selling business model in other countries, starting from the near geography of Turkey and extending to other continents.

In 2016, the 3rd generation of the Tuna family, the oldest son of our President Omer Hakan Tuna, Emre Tuna joined the company after completing his degree in the United States. Knowing the fact that there are only a handful of 3rd generation family companies, we proudly continue to serve as a private family company. In 2017, we set a new record for our company and started up operations in 9 new direct selling markets, reaching overall 23 direct selling markets.

Dr. C. Tuna passed away in 2017 leaving behind an amazing company which primarily works hard to empower people, create innovative products, and contribute to humankind.

In 2018, we invested heavily on our factory. We launched our brand new Dr. Tuna Conference Hall. This state-of-the-art conference hall can seat more than 250 people. We started operations in Miami, Florida, and Poland. Currently, Farmasi is producing more than 3000 different products including Dr. C. Tuna range, which is the medical series of the company in our integrated cosmetics factory located on a land more than 100.000m2. Our integrated factory not only produces bulk product but also manufactures most of its packaging in-house as well. 

Our state-of-the-art factory has a capacity of producing more than 1000 tons every day. Our factory consists of 6 different factories that can produce personal care products, wet wipes products, make-up products, perfume products, plastic packaging products and laminated tube products. This makes the factory an integrated facility. 

Through his 63 years of professional business life, Dr. C. Tuna had personal principles of loving his work, believing that people are the most valuable assets of a company and investing heavily on educating employees to create flawless business partners. We believe this is just the beginning for us. We get closer to our vision day by day. We constantly improve ourselves and create higher, more sophisticated goals for our company.